Paris-Edinburgh Cell Workshop 2013

May 23 - 24, 2013, Advanced Photon Source, Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, IL USA

A new program utilizing Paris-Edinburgh Cell (PEC) type large volume press has been developed at 16-BM-B at the Advanced Photon Source. A range of techniques have been integrated for physical property measurements with the HPCAT's existing multi-angle energy-dispersive x-ray diffraction capability for structure measurement, to promote comprehensive studies of structure-property correlations in liquids. These include white x-ray radiography, ultrasonic velocity, and falling sphere viscometry techniques. Our integrated facility now allows users to make simultaneous observations of the macroscopic phenomena as direct manifestation of the microscopic structure. The new instrumental setup provides a unique opportunity for characterization of liquid and amorphous solid materials at high pressures and high temperatures using synchrotron white x-rays.

The Paris-Edinburgh Cell Workshop 2013 is an outreach to potential users in earth science, materials science, physics and chemistry, especially to students, post-doctoral, and young researchers. Our emphasis will be on hands-on trainings for those who are interested in using the PEC in their current and future researches. A series of talks and a poster session will be held to address the current status and potential opportunities in this field.

Welcome to the Paris-Edinburgh Cell Workshop!
The main goals of this workshop are to:

  • Address the current status and explore the future opportunities
  • Provide a discussion forum for current and potential users to advance the high pressure synchrotron research with Paris-Edinburgh cells.
  • Provide hands on trainings for participants, in particular students and young scientists, in using the Paris-Edinburgh Cell installed at HPCAT 16-BM-B.

The workshop contents will be:

  • Hands-on trainings
    • standard sample cell preparation
    • high-pressure and high-temperature generation in the PE cell
    • ultrasonic velocity measurement
    • demonstration of falling sphere viscometry
    • EDXD data analysis
  • Talks
    • Structure, dynamics and properties of liquids
    • New developments in Paris-Edinburgh cell
    • User science highlights
  • A poster session for all participants

Limited travel grants are available for students and post-doc participants (limited to 20; sorted by application dates; a short recommendation letter from supervisor/advisor is required). Follow the link below for more information and the application: